Corporate Social Responsibility

At Haati we’re all about making it easy to get every occasion right with heartfelt cards. It’s our mission to help your favourite people feel especially loved. That’s why we care a lot about making it convenient to send kind words and thoughtful gifts.

We also care a lot about making sure we carry on business in the right way. We have a broad programme of activity underway in this area. We're taking steps to eliminate plastic from the packaging that Haati uses we’re committed to improving diversity and inclusion within our organisation; and we have a relentless focus on health and safety, cybersecurity and data protection.

Transparency in our Supply Chains

Modern slavery, including all forms of slavery, servitude, forced and compulsory labour and human trafficking, is an abhorrent abuse of human rights.

Haati is committed to ensuring full respect for the human rights of anyone working for us in any capacity and we take zero tolerance to modern slavery in our business operations and supply chains.


Tax Strategy

Haati’s strategy is to create long-term, sustainable value by becoming a gifting companion to its customers. As part of this strategy, Haati is committed to complying with all applicable laws, regulations and stakeholder expectations in the jurisdictions where it is present.

Haati’s approach to managing its tax affairs is one of responsible compliance. The business strives to fully understand the tax laws and practices of the countries within which it operates; and it seeks to pay and report appropriate levels of taxes.


Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Our business is all about personalisation. And nothing is more personal than being able to turn up to work as your authentic self, feeling valued for the unique contribution you bring.

We strongly believe that building the diversity of our business and teams, as well as developing an inclusive culture that values and champions difference, will better enable us to achieve our ambition of becoming our customers’ gifting companion.

For us, diversity and inclusion is not a box ticking exercise, but something that will inspire the future of our business and contribute to creating an awesome place to work. 

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